About the follow-up cost insurance lipo-protect
With lipo-protect, we have created a financial safety net for patients who wish to undergo aesthetic surgery. We are always adapting our services to the wishes of our customers.
Clarity and support in the event of an insurance claim
In 2007, we encountered the intriguing task of developing an insurance solution to address potential complications from cosmetic surgery. A proposed law in certain European nations revealed a potential gap: going forward, patients might have to bear the costs if they needed corrective procedures due to complications from cosmetic surgeries.
Beauty comes at a price. Through our Complication insurance our aim was to offer patients a financial safety cushion. Our vision extended beyond just Germany, encompassing other European nations and Switzerland. The term " lipo-protect " was coined to encapsulate the straightforward concept of "insurance for post-surgery costs related to cosmetic procedures," making it relatable and easily understood across international boundaries. Guided by this name, we meticulously crafted each facet of the insurance solution, backed by one of Germany's most prominent associations for plastic and aesthetic surgery.
At the same time as the law came into force, we had achieved our goal: a customer-friendly solution which enabled patients to undergo cosmetic surgery with at least no financial worries.
We continue to work on the constant improvement of our services today and in the future. This includes aligning lipo-protect with customer wishes and requirements and developing it further in the interests of physicians.
Follow-up cost insurer number 1
Our success speaks for itself. Currently we have handled more than 14.000 claims due to complications. This demonstrates not only the immense need, but also the great trust that more and more people place in us. With lipo-protect we are the market leader in the field of insurance for complications of cosmetic surgery, which stems not least from our know-how about possible complications, doctors and clinics.
This competence and the extensive wealth of experience enable us to advise customers just as comprehensively as to be the point of contact for questions and individual concerns. What patients particularly appreciate:
lipo-protect is transparent, reliable and courteous.
There are no hidden surcharges for multiple procedures or reductions in the amount of private services. More and more doctors are working with us and are happy to recommend lipo-protect to others.
The makers of lipo-protect
There is a good portion of innovative technology in lipo-protect that makes lipo-protect digital and highly efficient. The Liechtenstein company Squarelife Insurance AG stands as the insurer behind the lipo-protect product, for whose "architecture" it is virtually responsible.
The ideas and the concept for the follow-up cost insurance were provided by quadmed AG whose owner Marc Giezen acts as the servicing broker and contact person for lipo-protect's customers.
The headquarters in Liechtenstein enables the international orientation. This means that patients in Switzerland as well as in Germany and generally in countries of the EU can use the services of lipo-protect.
lipo-protect. Insures your beauty.
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Beautyprotect is insurance for cosmetic surgery that covers follow-up costs in the event of complications. It offers global coverage for various aesthetic procedures, with options for medical and aesthetic complications. The insurance can be canceled flexibly on a monthly basis after a minimum term of one year and covers both treatment in public clinics and private services.

CosmeticsProtect is follow-up cost insurance for non-surgical cosmetic treatments. It covers medical and aesthetic complications that may arise after such procedures. This insurance offers security against unexpected costs and ensures protection during the insurance period.
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